About Us

Eastern traditional methods - Western contemporary design

Kashmir is the North-western most state of India. Kashmir's many crafts reflect the state's history, landscape and traditional way of life. Zaida respects these traditional values and the skills of the craftsmen who produce the finest quality chainstitch needlework in the world. At Zaida these skills are used to produce contemporary and abstract designs, many influenced by the work of European artists.

Respect for the products and those who produce them

All Zaida products are made by adults who, as cooperatives, set their own rates for the work they do. At no stage in production are children involved. Work is not carried out in a factory environment, rather, within their own homes as a cottage industry.

Bespoke service

Zaida cushion covers and rugs should last for a very long time. We are constantly developing new designs and can also produce rugs to your own design and specification.